NICER was in part established to promote and support population-based epidemiological cancer research in Switzerland. The NICER Coordination Centre (NCC) maintains the NICER database (combined and harmonized individual registry data) as an authoritative national source of cancer information in Switzerland.

The mission of the NCC in collaboration with partner registries is to bring NICER data to the public-health and research community. As a result, collaboration and cancer-related data are available for NICER-related epidemiological research through requests, see research collaboration section

NICER-related research considers any project using NICER data other than simple reporting of cancer statistics (e.g. frequencies, proportions, rates, see how to request collaboration).

All NICER-related research must be conducted in accordance with the NICER Guidelines for Scientific Collaboration, Publication and Authorship.

We request that any person or organization using NICER data include the following statement of acknowledgement in the text of the presentation, report or publication: “Cancer data extracted from the Swiss national dataset managed by the Foundation National Institute for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration (NICER). Available from http://, accessed on day/month/year.