NICER Database

The NICER database contains national individual anonymised data transmitted by the cantonal cancer registries. These include all cases of malignant cancer from the cantonal cancer registries since each registry was established.

The available data is listed below:

Aargau from 2013
Basel-City and Country from 1981
Berne from 2014
Fribourg from 2006
Geneva from 1970
Graubuenden from 1989
Glarus from 1992
Jura from 2005
Lucerne from 2010
Neuenburg from 1974
Nidwalden from 2011
Obwalden from 2011
Solothurn from 2019
St. Gallen and Appenzell from 1980
Ticino from 1996
Thurgau from 2012
Uri from 2011
Vaud from 1974
Wallis from 1989
Zug from 2011
Zürich from 1980