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NCC welcomes requests for NICER-related research from any person interested in conducting cancer epidemiological research. Each request will be approved based on its individual merit and resource availability.



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  1. NICER Online Data Dictionary - DOWNLOAD (List of standard NICER variables and collaborating Swiss registries, including years of coverage)
  1. CHF 1500/day for all requests intended for private use and/or as agreed upon (minimum fee 1/2 day)
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For complete detailed information on conducting NICER-related research please see

Please note: All single registry research requests (i.e. unpooled data) should be sent directly to the individual registry for processing. Click here for indidvidual cancer registry contact information.

NICER-related research requests may involve two distinct categories of data:  
(1) NICER only data, and (2) NICER plus data. 
NICER only data refers to use of any pooled portion of the NICER database, whereas NICER plus data refers to requests proposing use of any pooled portion of the NICER database plus any additional data outside these (i.e. any data not contained in the NICER database; e.g. date of birth for linkage study, treatment variables for pattern-of-care study).

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Overview of the request process

All submitted NICER-related research requests will follow the approved NICER request procedure. See  "NICER Guidelines for Scientific Collaboration, Publication and Authorship" for a flowchart describing the request procedure.

All research projects proposing use of NICER data must be formally submitted to NCC for approval using the NICER CONCEPT SHEET FOR NEW PROJECTS.

Upon receipt, each request will be reviewed by NCC for feasibility (analytic, methodological, resources, redundancy with other NICER-related research) and individual registries for participation. Request approval or decline, reasons for decline or approval, and any required modifications will be communicated to requestor(s) by NCC no later than 25 business days after original request submission date.