• Information on data exchange format according to the KRG/LEMO

    The vision of the KRG/LEMO includes a uniform data format throughout Switzerland for the reporting of institutions subject to reporting requirements to the cancer registry. The aim is to ensure that all stakeholders in cancer registration are aware of this vision and the concrete plans for it and can take it into account in their decisions.

    For manufacturers of primary systems (hospital-, practice-, pathology information systems), the National Cancer Registration Office (NACR) will hold an information event together with the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) on August 14th, 2019.

    A draft for the specification of the data format "exchange format KRG/LEMO" (in french and german) can be downloaded below. This can be used, for example, to build an export interface in a hospital information system. The national registration software will contain an import interface for the mentioned data format.

    ZIP / 4053KB Unterlagen Austauschformat KRG

  • ZIP / 4066KB Documents Format d'échange LEMO

  • Introduction of the Federal Act on the Registration of Cancer (June 2019)

    In the future, cancer diseases are to be recorded in their entirety and uniformly throughout Switzerland. In March 2016, Parliament passed the Federal Act on the Registration of Cancer (Krebsregistrierungsgesetz-KRG, or loi sur l’enregistrement des maladies oncologiques-LEMO, respectively). In April 2018, the Federal Council passed the associated ordinance (KRV, or OEMO, respectively). The obligation to register under the KRG/KRV, or LEMO/OEMO, respectively, and the system change for data registration in the Cantonal Cancer Registries (CCRs) and the Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry (SCCR) will begin on 1 January 2020. All doctors, hospitals and private/public healthcare institutions that diagnose or treat cancer must report defined data on specified types of cancer to the CCRs and the SCCR from 1 January 2020. At the same time, each canton is obliged to create a cancer register or to join an existing one.

    The National Agency for Cancer Registration (NACR), as a federal organization, is responsible for establishing the definitive data structure and coding guidelines for the CCRs and the SCCR. Based on Art. 33 KRG (LEMO) and Art. 36 and 37 KRV (OEMO), these and other tasks of the NACR were transferred to the Foundation National Institute for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration (NICER). The CCRs, the SCCR, the cantons and medical societies were involved in determining the data structure. The structure of the basic and supplementary data is thus based on a broad national consensus, the international recommendations, the principles of good statistical and epidemiological practice, and the legal requirements.

  • ZIP / 8061KB Annexes sur l'aide-mémoire soumises à l'obligation de déclarer selon la LEMO

  • ZIP / 7802KB Anhänge zum Merkblatt für Meldepflichtige nach KRG